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Jul. 5, 2005
Food Pyramid scheming
Anyone see the over-hyped, "new" Food Guide Pyramid?

Well, it was finally released.

Can you say copyright issues?

Did the USDA check with Pink Floyd first? At first glance, it looks like the cover of the Dark Side of the Moon Album with about the same amount of meaning! All I can say is…..missed opportunity!

It took our leading scientists, researchers, and health specialist to come up with that?! They really need a communications person on their team. How is this supposed to guide Americans to better eating? It makes for a good abstract symbol of health, but that is about it.

If you have a powerful computer, fast Internet access, and good understanding of basic nutrition you might be able to at get through the tutorial at Applying it on you own? Not likely. Individuality is suppose to be a big piece of the pyramid but the glaring missing piece for My Pyramid Plan is entering your own height and weight.

I'd really like to hear the USDA rationale for that one!
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Tara, the RD
Food Matters

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