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Jul. 13, 2011
From Sunny Seattle to Pleasant Portland by Bike
Jessica Culnane and her Clif Bar Field Marketing Crew stoked out riders along the epic STP ride recently on a rare Northwest weekend without the need for rain gear. Read on to find out what these wet weather natives do when the sun starts to shine.

Here in the Northwest, specifically the Pacific North West (PNW), we don’t get too many sunny days. But when we do, everyone takes full advantage of them and Clif is right there with us. Plans are changed and activities are modified just so we can all be out under that glorious golden orb in the sky. And for all those folks out there who haven’t been to the PNW, we really love to ride our bikes - for pleasure and for our mode of transportation.

Seattle to Portland by Bike 2

Case in point, if you ask any PNW native to pick out who was born and raised here vs. who is a transplant they will simply say, “that dude/chick over there riding their bike in the rain.” It’s true. We ride, we walk and we run in the rain. Rain jackets are a necessity and umbrellas are taboo.

If you look closer at the PNW you will find two gems, Seattle and Portland. And for those of you who follow the sports world neither city really has any lost love for one another, Supersonics (RIP) vs. Trail Blazers and Sounders vs. Timbers.

Seattle to Portland by Bike 1

These two cities are big on everything outdoors. This past weekend the PNW hosted its annual bike love revival of the two cities, the Seattle to Portland bike ride (STP), a 200-mile ride (regardless of weather) from Seattle to Portland that takes riders, over a day or two, through the luscious forests, green valleys and scenic farmlands between the two cities.

If you’re not quite convinced of how epic this ride is let me drop a little knowledge: this year’s ride was 15,000 people strong, coming from 3 counties and 43 states. That is a ton of people from all walks of life! Imagine with me right now, super serious riders who yell “keep going, we will stop in 40 miles” to their companions in their own little peloton, consummate touring riders who are out for another 200-mile weekend ride with their best mates. Portland or Bust!

Seattle to Portland by Bike 3

So, if you have a bike of any sorts, are able to sit in a saddle for 200 miles and looking for a great weekend ride/want an awesome adventure come join us in the PNW next year for STP!
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