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Mar. 9, 2010
Field to Table
We’re hardly bashful here about digging into food. Anyone who’s been to Clif Bar knows that we love good food and a good time. But we’re also conscious about the bigger food picture and the importance of understanding where our food comes—including the social and environmental impacts of agriculture. For many farm workers, bringing food to our tables is no picnic. We’d like to see that change—and one way we’re doing that is by lending our support to grassroots organizations committed to creating a more healthy, just and sustainable food system through the Clif Bar Family Foundation.

Our staff ecologist, Elysa Hammond, recently shared a cool multimedia presentation with us about making our food system a better one for the workers behind it. We thought it was so good we wanted to share it with you. But before we do so, a little intro straight from Elysa.

Check out Fair Food: Field to Table, a multimedia presentation promoting a more socially just food system in the U.S. Through the voices of agricultural workers, growers, businesses, and fair food advocates, this short, beautiful documentary tells the story of the growing movement for fair food in the U.S. including promising efforts to provide of improved conditions for agricultural workers.

Watch it here...

Note: partial funding for Fair Food was provided by the Clif Bar Family Foundation.

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