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Jul. 11, 2012
From the UK: A 24-Hour Race
Our friend Mark Davies from the CLIF UK field marketing crew was out at Run24, a 24-hour individual and team relay race that took place a couple weekends back. Check out the recap!

Now a 24-hour running race may sound completely alien to most of you and something of an impossibility. However, Run24 is made even tougher as you have to endure the same 5-mile loop throughout the race. Now, I did a jog around the race loop before the race started and it is truly one of the most beautiful courses I have ever ran on. However, this was quickly forgotten due to the sheer toughness of the terrain, and with some strong headwinds while going up the first climb, it was sure to be a tough 24 hours for the competitors. This event was spilt up into several categories: solo, paired and teams of 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8, so there was something for all abilities.

From the UK: Run24: A 24-hour Run

It was clear when we arrived early evening that the weather was not going to be on our side, never is when I go camping. After we had set up all the Clif Bar area we had a quiet flow of people, this was due to most of the people planning to arrive on the Saturday morning. With a band playing in the registration tent, most of the runners had gathered to watch, some with beers in hand, which I'm sure they paid for later on the next day.

Saturday was race day, and with a midday start for all we decided to set up nice and early to give the runners a chance to get 'CLIFed Up' before they started their 24 hours. Saturday brought with it some rather strong wind, coming from the only direction we could not shelter from. This made sampling harder than it should be as every few minutes there would a be a gust of wind that would give everything a little shake up and from a look at the forecast, this was not going to ease up. It was great to sample the new flavours of the CLIF Bars (to the UK) - Chocolate Almond Fudge, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut and my personal favourite, Blueberry Crisp. There was not one negative word about them, and everyone seemed generally interested in the new flavours.

As always there was a real mix of athletes around and an even larger mix of emotions – nervous, excited, anxious, cheerful and apprehensive. As the race start drew closer, there was a definite change in the atmosphere, probably due to fact that they are about to run for 24 hours.

After a long night of serving the runner’s needs, it was time to try and get our heads down and refresh ready for the next day. Upon waking, I was really concerned whether our easy-up and tables would still be there, thankfully they were. We got straight to chopping up bars and BLOKS to get all the competitors through the remaining hours. As always the runners came in as quickly as they left, taking plenty of our products in hand.

The last few hours went rather quickly and towards the midday stop time people started getting more excited at the thought of finishing. It was done – the clock stopped and race had finished (although it didn’t finish till about 1pm as there were people completing their final laps).

After packing down and ensuring everyone had had their CLIF Bar fix, it was on the road with the thought of my bed in the forefront of my mind. As I am writing this I am preparing myself for another 24-hour event this weekend, I'm not sure two 24-hour events in back to back weekends is wise, especially with flood warnings. However, it's always fun working at mountain-bike events, so we'll see if the weather manages to dampen the atmosphere.
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