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Mar. 19, 2008
From tons of hair…to none—all in the name of conquering kids’ cancer
The latest and final installment of Emily's St. Baldrick's adventure...

What an amazing experience.

Neither Michael nor I were prepared for the electricity surrounding the St.Baldrick’s event on Monday evening.

We each came with an armful of Zbars thinking four boxes would be sufficient. Upon entering the outpatient area of the Children’s Hospital in Oakland we realized we had grossly misjudged the numbers. There were folks everywhere. Kids, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends, people who were just there to show support, volunteers, news crews and hospital staff. Nonetheless, I am sure that our meager gesture made its way to some hungry, smiley faces during the course of the evening.

Despite the powerful surge of positive momentum towards the shaving chairs, we were able to divert our attention to the registration tables to receive instruction.

Any nervous feelings I had been flip-flopping over during the previous hours dropped away and now I was raring to climb in to one of the chairs and start buzzing away. I couldn’t control my eagerness.

As we squeezed between the mass of spectators to be noticed by the powers that bestow seating assignments to shavees, we saw row upon row of grinning kids standing, kneeling, jumping, cross-legged and cheering as one-by-one people climbed in and out of the chairs, first coiffed and then shorn.

Michael and I were spotted and offered seats next to each other to be shaved simultaneously. What a treat!

As we took our seats and were introduced to our barbers we noticed the upper levels of the hospital had a perfect view of the entire goings on. Kids and families were watching from up above and grinning down upon the scene. We waved and they waved back.

Everywhere people were expressing their gratitude for what we were doing. All I could think was, “Are you kidding? I wish we could do MORE!”

I have to say, I would do this every year if my hair grew fast enough.

Join the fight against Children’s Cancer!

Check out the Saint Baldrick’s website for more info.

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