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May. 13, 2008
Garden versus Gopher
Last week, a few of us got some fresh air and did a little digging at the June Jordan Elementary School garden in San Francisco. Esperanza from Urban Sprouts showed us around the garden and gave a little schpeal about the program to get us stoked for our afternoon duties.

And we were stoked. So stoked, in fact, that we each picked up a shovel and dug for two hours.

June Jordan Elementary is located on a little hill way on the outskirts of SF, smack dab in a wind tunnel.

We blew around for the afternoon (just check out Shauna's hair in the photo) but still managed to build two lovely little garden beds…and a pumpkin patch.

We were pretty psyched on the work we did; as was Mr. Gopher who showed up after we finished planting.

The kids at the school get a chance to take care of the garden so if they can keep up with gopher’s efforts, I’m pretty confident that the lettuce and legumes will do just fine.

Unless, they blow off the hill…
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Amy, Miss Web Gal
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