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Jun. 30, 2008
Garmin-Chipotle’s Wild Ride—Buckle Up!

2008 has offered quite a wild ride with the Slipstream-Chipotle squad that will now be known as the Garmin-Chipotle Pro Cycling Team. And with the Tour de France right around the corner things just keep getting more exciting.

So as the team prepares to storm yet another figurative castle, we want to show our thanks and appreciation for the effort the riders have made by ‘Bucklin’ Up’.

We’ve worked with this team from the get-go, watching the organization grow from the TIAA-CREF junior development program only a few years ago to a Tour de France contender in ’08. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve experienced some truly “entertaining” rides in the team car—and through it all we’ve witnessed some mighty fine bike racing.

Garmin-Chipotle certainly has collected its share of outstanding race results. During the ’08 Giro d’Italia, the team left its mark in a wonderful way by winning the Team Time Trial to get the whole party started. Was it a surprise that this cast of cycling characters could pull off such an impressive accomplishment? Nope, not really. Those of us who follow the team know that the squad is loaded with all sorts of talent. So seeing the team on the stage at the Giro, with Christian sporting the leader’s jersey, wasn’t really a surprise. But it definitely did rock—in a very large way.

The program has no doubt been on a tear this season—but to Team Clif Bar the true beauty of it all is that the team’s success is about so much more than just race results. Garmin-Chipotle is making a sincere & significant effort to run a clean program where riders race with only the organic efforts & abilities each rider brings to the table. It is sport the way sport should be—clean, pure and still very competitive but far from the ‘win at all costs’ attitude that focuses solely on results and the finish line.

Complimenting the team’s forward-thinking approach to racing at the elite level of professional cycling is the team’s stylish presentation. From JV’s strangely sharp sweaters & scarves, to Dave’s & Steve’s handsome facial hair ensembles, to the spanky argyle riding kits, the team has been in the news on the cycling fashion front as well.

So, with the intro of the Argyle Buckle, Team Clif Bar would like to say “Thanks!” to the squad for all their efforts in ’08—and we’d also like to do our part to assist with the team’s future on the catwalk. Cuz let’s face it, all bike racers know that when it comes right down to it looking good is approx 73.4% of the battle. And as we all know, a sharp après-race outfit is only as good as its buckle. So play hard, play fair, and always play with oodles of style.

Here’s to the Garmin-Chipotle Pro Cycling Team. We’re loving the ride and are eager to see it continue through France. Buckle up.
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