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May. 2, 2011
Garmin’s Paris-Roubaix Win Remembered
I will never forget April 2011.

April’s when all of my favorite bike races take place. It’s always a wonderful bike-racing month.

Paris-Roubaix, 2011 3

But the ‘wonderful’ dial got turned up a notch when Garmin-Cervelo rider Johan Van Summeren pulled off a fantastic victory at one of the most spectacular pro bike races on the planet. The Clif-sponsored Garmin-Cervelo Pro Cycling team won Paris-Roubaix. Well hot damn, that’s just too rad.

It was Johan’s win – but it was also a stellar team effort.

Paris-Roubaix, 2011 1

This is the biggest win the team has recorded to date. Outside of the US, Paris-Roubaix. is a very significant race/sporting event. In terms of cycling on the global scale, it really doesn’t get any better than winning Paris-Roubaix.

It was one of the most exciting Paris-Roubaixs I can remember, even before Johan crossed the finish line first.

Paris-Roubaix, 2011 2

Enjoy Mark Johnson's photos, and here’s the Versus post-race interview with Paris-Roubaix winner (and Garmin-Cervelo rider) Johan Van Summeren.

Paris-Roubaix, 2011 4

It was a mighty fine day we’ll never forget.

Mark Johnson will be following the squad’s adventures this season as he works on a book (scheduled for publication in Spring of 2012 from VeloPress) about the team. When he’s not writing content or shooting photos for the book, Mark will be bringing us unique stories about the team and the sport of cycling.
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