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Oct. 27, 2009
Gary’s Adventure in the Dolomites: Day 8
The second-to-last day of Gary's white-road adventure in the Dolomites...the cycling continues.


A beautiful, clear crisp morning; the views are spectacular. After saying goodbye to Mario and a couple of his buddies with cool felt hats, see photo, we headed up to finish the Passo Croce Dominii.

The top of Passo Croce Dominii

What a climb; we were even happier finding Mario’s Albergo after another nearly 3,000 feet of climbing. It would have been real touch and go getting to the other side to Bagolino the nearest town.

Passo Croce Dominii

On the way down the Croce, we passed several quail hunters. It was a long, cold and twisty road.

Maybe quail for dinner?

We made it to Bagolino and stopped in the only hotel in town and had another wonderful cioccolato caldo and a café doppio. We also had a chance to warm up.

After a cold start, a quick stop for a cafe doppio and a ciocolatte caldo...yummm.

The rest of Day 8 was quite nice and warmed up a bit. Our new destination was now Trento. We road down a wonderful dirt road right on the edge of cliffs 500-800 feet above Lago di Garda.

Riva di Garda

Had a wonderful pizza and salad lunch in Riva di Garda then road through Arco, where I climbed with Jay in 1991, over another pass and into Trento.

Pizza in Riva di Garda: possible the best I've ever had...

Trento is a hip town, great university, lots of outdoor sports as well as deep history, great food and wine. In another life, I could live here. Actually in another life I could live in many towns in Italia.

Another great dinner and a weiss beer—which is my favorite, especially anywhere near Munich.

Tomorrow is our final day; seems like it’s been a much longer trip than just 8 days so far…
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