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Apr. 21, 2005
Giddy Up!
Anyone who knows me, knows I love horses. Like dream about them kinda love and not just when I was a little girl, but now as an adult. That’s a little bit embarrassing, but whatever. I love horses so much, they litter my desk and when I don’t have Marky Mark up as a screensaver, obviously I have a horse picture.

Anyway, the spring has a way of presenting new opportunities and fresh beginnings, doesn’t it? For me it did, in the form of a horse lease. Many people ask, what exactly is a lease on a horse? Basically a lease means the owner of the horse would like to share the cost and care of the horse with someone else. You help with expenses (and believe me horses are money pits) and you get to share the horse.

Pretty cool right? For now it’ll have to work because I can’t afford my own.

I’ll try not to talk about horses all of the time, please tell me if I’m beginning to “beat a dead horse” and I’ll stop…maybe. The best part of this whole lease thing, because of our 9/80 program, I get every other Friday off and you know what that means…I’ll see you at the stables.
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