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Aug. 13, 2008
Global Cooling—A Mayor Accomplishment
The Clif Bar band (aka The Dung Beetles) pulled down one more rung on our continuing - mostly accidental - rise toward obscurity last Tuesday, as we helped kick off the Cool Globes (:hot ideas for a cooler planet) art installation on Crissy Field, along the historic San Francisco waterfront.

In short, local, national, international, even school aged children artfully designed and decorated 5’x5’ globes to help raise awareness and inspire action to help mitigate current Global Warming trends…aaand we were there to help get the party started (the exhibit will remain on Crissy Field from Aug 5 – Oct 13).

Fog thick, coffee shallow, feet freezing (due to my undying dedication to flip flops), we played for anywhere between 5 and 200 people over a 2-hour span. A venerable menagerie of both voluntary and involuntary audience members attended the event; spandex laden socialites, eco aware art’ficionados, barely conscious yet curious early morning runners, news crews chasing the elusive ‘story of the century’, one hot dog vendor, 4 personal friends of mine, Mayor Gavin Newsom, and exactly 3 mounted police riding apparently easy-to-startle horses. Yup, just another Tuesday morning working for Clif Bar.

From Cool Tags to our Start Global Cooling campaign, the SOS Tour to the 2Mile Challenge, organic ingredients to pretty much everything else we think about doing around here, it would be safe to say Clif Bar is dedicated to maintaining not only healthy people but a healthy planet. This is why I believe we were chosen to play the event. I would hope so at least. Whatever the cause, we were happy to be there, to help celebrate and perpetuate a good cause, and to have witnessed - for ourselves - the inspired monument that is Gavin’s Newsom’s hair. Magnificent.
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