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Mar. 5, 2007
Go ahead…drop something…I double dog dare you
Scrubby waits...Of the approximately 15 canines that roam these halls, it is Scrubby—our longest enduring, first and only quadruped to make the phone list ('Lead Food Taster xK9')—who is considered the 'official' office mascot. More than that, Scrubby actually makes you want to be a better human, amid a dog eat dog world. Or, sometimes, a dog eat anything within range world, as it turns out.

Scrubby began his 'pup'acy in December of 1997, and since then has infected the hearts of literally dozens. Along with his official title of mascot come the somewhat more subdued titles of 'Scooper Upper of Unattended Bagels and Sandwiches (SUUBS)', 'Refrigerator Monitoring Technician', and 'Kitchen Floor Polisher: Tongue Buffing Division.' Whatever the role of the moment happens to be, Scrub never gives less than 100%. Except for the times when he doesn't.

I think it's Scrub's simplicity that makes him brilliant. The quiet wisdom in his eyes. The subtle raise of an eyebrow upon hearing a refrigerator door's magnet begin to peel  (upward range >80 feet). The smart trades he makes at the lunch table (a pat of butter in exchange for a pat on his head). His willingness to follow just about anyone traveling in a westerly direction (we all have our tendencies). The fact that he can become trapped in a connecting hallway for an hour and be ok with it…casually leaning against the wall, waiting to be discovered with a Bogart finesse, panting happily, almost meditating against the bright backdrop of yellow paint, as if to set off his already glowing aura of experienced humility. He's what I'd imagine Buddha would be were he a dog. Similarly grounded, but with fur and four wheel drive.

I suppose that, then, makes me a Scrubbist. And so be it. We all have to learn from someone, after all. Just because he has a slight drooling problem and steals my lunch from time to time is no question to question potential greatness.  

Scrubby…teach me. Stay away from my sandwich, but…teach me.

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