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Aug. 6, 2008
Good news!
I'm usually not a cup-half-empty kinda girl, however, sometimes with all the not-so-happy news floating around, it's easy to get a little bummed, especially when I read about the current state of affairs. It just so happens that when I arrived at work today, feeling a little blah, I came across this nugget of very cool news.

I opened my email to find my Daily Grist; and as I read, I learned that the Republic of Congo has approximately 125,000 more lowland Gorillas living in the northern part of the country than previously expected. How cool is that?

They say this doubles the known population of these majestic animals, which were thought to be near the brink of extinction. Of course, they're not totally in the clear just yet and we still need to do all that we can to preserve this species, but right about now I'm feeling much better.

Read more here. And, if you aren't familiar with Grist, you gotta sign up right now for Daily Grist—I actually look forward to seeing their name in my inbox everyday.
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