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Jul. 30, 2008
Gotta Love Hippies…
As a sales rep, you often don’t know what a day on the road might entail; you also never know what you might encounter when you walk through the front doors of your next account.

Leaving my last sales call of the day, at a little natural foods store tucked away in Northern California coastal hills, I was assured that the coastal route home was going to be a faster and, of course, a more scenic route home. Well, let’s just say that my coastal route left me lost on a windy redwood tree lined road.

No cell reception and no gas station in site, I decided to go around one more turn before turning around. Around that corner, I approached a lonely, funky little coffee house. Great! I thought. Coffee and directions! As I opened the door to the coffee house, I was welcomed by the owners—a friendly and humble, old hippie couple.

The grey-bearded man with the long-braided ponytail, and I must admit a great spirit, informed me that, yes I was off the Hwy 1 coastal route. “But let me make you a coffee for the road,” he said. As he put together a concoction of well needed caffeine, he noticed my Clif Bar shirt and asked if I work for the company.

My answer sparked a story-telling session, as he shared tales of backcountry survival when Clif Bars satisfied his greatest of hunger pangs. He then pointed to a shelf that just so happened to be stocked full of Clif Bars. I then asked him if he had tried any of our other bars. “You have other bars?” he asked. Clearly, this man could use some samples. I stocked him and his wife up with Nectar, Mojo, and Luna Tea Cakes.

I think I may have made their day, and made a sell as well! You just never know what a day on the road as a Rep entails.

And wait, the story continues…

As I opened the store doors to begin my second attempt at finding my way home, a hippie, decked-out city bus pulled up…
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