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May. 29, 2007
Grab your Glitter and do the Hustle…to Club 1610
Rick shows off his movesGravity defying wigs swayed to and 'fro', glittery platform shoes grooved across a celebration stained parquet dance floor, and 100% decorum-free jewelry danced on décolletages from one end of the Studio-54 themed room to the other.

And that was just the men!

Gaudy? Yes. Funky? Absolutely. Disco fabulous? You know it, babe (call me). 'Just another Wednesday night at Clif Bar', many joked—or 'Club 1610: disco karaoke lounge,' as it was known for the night (1610 is our street address).

Another excuse to celebrate this little thing called life without needing any particular reason. If you wait for a reason, after all, you'll miss out on some good dancing and more than a few opportunities to sing off-key in front of friends and coworkers. So we went for it—lava was in the air.

Gary plays a little with the bandA live and EXtra energetic band—'Domingo and Company' featuring Sugar Pie—led the charge from the Clif Bar stage for the first half of the evening, as 'Saturday Night Fever' played on the 20'x30' movie screen behind them. Baselines were thumpin' and the horns were a-jumpin' as people danced and, yes, even roller skated (go roller girl!) around the dance floor. A wig wielding Gary (yes, 'that' Gary—owner of Clif Bar) added to the mix by playing 5-6 songs with the band (Gary's a crazy good, classically trained trumpet player). Nice chops!

Emily dances up a stormEventually, the band wrapped up and out came the jumbo Karaoke system. The party continued as Clif crooners took turns singing everything from 'I like the nightlife' to 'I will survive.' Super fun.

Amazing food & drink, dancing, and disco duet'ing—what else could you ask for? Oh right—a costume contest. We did that too.

Congrats to all who partook, took home a prize, left their pride on stage, or braved the 'mystery Jello.' You made us proud. As usual.

Check out for more photos from the groovy evening.

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