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Mar. 6, 2007
Green Rail Project Nearly Complete

Loaded on the biodiesel truck. Nick, CB&Co. sub rep for the Northwest, is back with an update on the Green Rail Project.

It's been a long road, literally. After a few months, a million phone calls and a stack of emails, I drove one of Clif's Dodge Ram Biodiesel 2500s about 3 hours through the Cascades to Terry's house in Wenatchee, where the completed Green Rails waited to be picked up.

We hired one of Washington's top fabricators to work on the production of the rails, and Terry jumped through every hoop to make it all happen as planned. I wolfed a sandwich, and we headed back up to the mountain with over 2,000 pounds of Green Rail glory resting on the trailer behind us. The bright green propane tank and the long stack of 55-gallon oil drums caused a few baffled looks from our fellow mountain drivers, but we just smiled and waived, knowing full well that the project was nearly complete.

Once at the base of the mountain, a giant yellow cat with a crane hanging from it picked up the rails from the trailer and set them in the snow. They're waiting to be dragged up the mountain by snow cat and set in place for this week's rail jam at Steven's. There's going to be riders from all over the state "greasing green." It will be perfect for the crowds to hear about the Project over the loud speaker and start thinking about ways they can contribute to global cooling. 

I made it up and down the mountain again safely, but the final trip back to Seattle was delayed, as our beloved biodiesel got too cold and thickened up enough to kill the engine. We slid some space heaters under the fuel line to get her going again and soon enough were on our way back home. 

I'll get some pictures of the rails-in-use as soon as I can. And thanks to the reader who was amped enough about the project to leave a comment—keep 'em coming.
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