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Apr. 13, 2006
Greetings from the road!
And they're off!This is Derin and Andra Williams and we're the CLIF BAR crew that's touring with the band Guster for their Campus Consciousness Tour.
It's a climate neutral tour made possible by BioDiesel, wind power and we're spreading the word about global warming, the Breast Cancer Fund, Safe Cosmetics and CLIF and LUNA bars! How sweet is that?!? 

Sorry for not getting to you guys sooner, I guess you could say we've been a bit on the busy side-driving 500 miles a day, messenger bag sampling during the day, concert setup at night, 5 hours of sleep, doing it again the next day…you get the drift. 

Here are some fun facts about our trip so far:

  • The van handles beautifully in the wind, just imagine a big blue kite with CLIF logos. Derin tried to get out in a wind storm, flew out the door and the door kept going! In the spotlight

  • We've managed to make a pretty big dent in the bug population. We've been sympathetically contemplating what they were thinking before they hit the windshield, might have been something like… "Oh sweet, an energy bar-splat!", or "Hey Vern, do you smell BioDies-smoosh!"

  • GPS is awesome

  • The band and crew are some of the coolest people you'll ever meet

  • Derin has the song from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air stuck in his head because our Sirius satellite radio doesn't work

  • The largest truck stop in the US is in Iowa

Over 3,000 miles down, 4,000 more to go…it's on to the next show!

Check out our photos from the road at
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