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Dec. 21, 2007
Greetings from the Top of the World
Remember GradyO? That dynamically foxy collection of cellular tissue that used to spend his days thrumming in the bushes of Lifestyle Marketing, and who is now 6 months into an 18-month adventure around the world?

I do.

Recently he sent a way cool hello video—shot just for his buds at Clif Bar—set meagerly against the backdrop of some mountain in Nepal. Urvris, Aarvis, Avarice. Oh, Everest—that’s the one.

Anyway, here it is, for your enjoyment and nostalgia:

And a little note from Grady to set it up:

[From Grady]

hey there. as promised, finally figured out how to shoot something i could upload to youtube. it ain't pretty, but here 'tis. sort of a hello to all cliffers.

one little postscript to this video. my own little consumer letter o' the week:

before the everest/solukumbhu trek, i spent 15 days hiking around the annapurna himalaya in north central nepal. on the final day, day 15, i descended something like 7,000' in a few hours. down thousands of stone steps cut into the side of the mountains. i had no idea a descent could be more punishing than a climb. especially after ~160 miles of up and down in the previous two weeks.

anyway, a couple of hours into the day, as i was navigating one of the hundreds of switchbacks, i saw a few tourists making their way up the hill. as they passed, i saw a familiar logo on the hat worn by one of the guys in the group. it was for 'Bad to the Bone' race events, a group i had supported for a few years with product in the charlottesville, va area back in my early days at clif. i'd become friendly with the couple that run the races, russ gill and his wife francesca conte (former team clif-sponsored ultramarathoner), and recognized the logo right away. eager for some conversation after so much time alone on the trails, i got the guys attention and we exchanged stories. he and the group were on their way up to participate in a running race a few thousand feet up. fully supported with porters, aid stations and the whole deal—all at about 10,000'. with only about 20 participants. and they were HUGE fans of clif bar.

one of the girls walked up and told me she was actually carrying Raising The Bar with her on the trek (she, by the way, apparently works as a consultant across the street from 1610 5th st.). when they asked me how many bars i'd brought with me in my travels, i told 'em i'd run out some time between morocco and nepal, sadly.

seeing how dog tired (and probably filthy and stinking) i was, the guy turns around, reaches into his pack and pulls out three pbp mojos and hands them to me. i was ecstatic. and confused. it was a very bizarre moment, realizing that for the first time ever, i was on the receiving end of the clif love out on the trail. but i couldn't have been happier. and hungrier. those poor little bars didn't make it to the bottom of the hill.

I wish you all a lovely New Year.

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