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Jan. 25, 2006
Groovin to the beat
Working at Clif Bar—there are lots of fun sounds to be heard. A few weeks ago, we were having auditions for a Hip-Hop Aerobics instructor. These auditions occurred in the dance room, which is right next door to the R&D meeting room.

It seemed that everytime we were having a meeting, it was time for Hip Hop Aerobics! While slightly distracting, it was kind of fun to have some fun, upbeat music and heavy bass drumming during our meeting. It certainly kept everyone bopping around.

The Dung BeetlesThere's also a band composed of employees who get together weekly to play. They meet in our auditorium, which is also next door to the R&D kitchen.

If I'm here late on Wednesday evenings (like tonight), I get the pleasure of listening to their unique version of Johnny Cash songs and other covers.

The band has definitely improved over the last few months, fine-tuning their style, but they didn't have a name. They asked all of us to suggest names. Their sound is a bit twangy, but more rock than country. They have a harmonica, and several guitars and drums. Also a tambourine. After reviewing all of the the entries, they announced the winner at the year-end company meeting back in December.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, The Dung Beatles! Come see them live:

Thursday, January 26 @ 7:00pm

Ireland 32 Bar & Grill, 3920 Geary Blvd. in San Francisco

(between 3rd and 4th Avenues)
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