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Sep. 13, 2010
Growing Your Own Food: The Connection to Good Nutrition
Do you have a garden? A pot of basil in your window, perhaps? A tomato plant on your back stoop? No?

CLIF KID Garden 1

Shame on you for ignoring the biggest trend since organic food!

From small rooftops to backyard acreage, gardening has become the “hip” thing to do. There is even an organic garden planted by the First Lady herself on the White House lawn. I love it when something positive becomes cool. These days people are planting gardens for all kinds of reasons. It saves on the grocery bill, it seems safer and it reduces stress. What’s not cool about that?!

We have moved so far away from where our food comes from that we have forgotten how to eat it. Gardening gets us out in the fresh air and literally back to our roots. I just returned from an event for kids sponsored by CLIF KID where we all got to plant our own mini gardens.

CLIF KID Garden 3

Growing or buying local food connects you to your place in this world and can make you feel proud to eat it.

Tending to the dirt, planting the seed, caring for the plant and eventually harvesting it to cook in our kitchens gives us a whole new appreciation for food. It connects us back to where our food comes from and what it actually takes to bring real food to the table.

I planted tomatoes with my son. He was part of the entire process: buying the dirt and starts, planting, feeding and watering. My hope was that he would be so proud that he might actually eat one. This year it worked! He ate more than one and liked it, exclaiming, “Momma, we plant it and it grow-ed.”

CLIF KID Garden 2

There is so much confusion around what to eat these days that Marion Nestle wrote a 600-page book about it. Carbohydrates, protein and fat are the nerdy nutrition stuff that dietitians and food scientists thrive on, and only seems to throw everyone else for a loop.

So don’t worry about it. Just grow something you can eat, bring it to your kitchen, create something special and enjoy every bite. This will give you a strong foundation for really understanding what good nutrition is.
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Tara, the RD
Food Matters, Sustainability

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