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Jul. 19, 2006
Gulping yin and yang
Because we do what we do, if you're hungry, you can take a step out into the warehouse, grab a bar and you're good to go. But if you're thirsty and you're not up for gulping down some satiating water from the filter, you're only other option is to delve into the vending machine where just a few quarters will get you a 12-oz can of soda.

Yes, you heard it right—soda.

Don't be fooled. We are a healthy-food company and we've got all sorts of healthy food at our finger tips—a vending machine serves up Amy's frozen foods and DuBois, an organic catering company, pays us a visit every Monday and Wednesday. But heck, as Mary Kate says, you've got to have a little yin and yang in your life—hence the carbonated beverage selection.

So, in keeping with the spirit of balance and harmony, Mary Kate is now in pursuit of providing us with other healt(ier) drink options to supplement our current pickings.

Amid talks of this new addition, some co-workers (who shall remain nameless) have been accusing other co-workers (who shall also remain nameless) of insulting the soda dispenser and the beverages that lay within.

During the search for CLIF BAR's next drink option, the true diet-coke lovers have emerged, unafraid to show their dedication to the chemical laden bombshell and stand their ground to drink their calorie-free beverage of choice. To maintain that coveted yin and yang balance, you have to defend your rights to gulp down that crisp diet coke.

Maybe you can help solve our problem. Got any drink ideas that could solve our woes? An all-natural, energy-boosting concoction that may satisfy both our diet-coke lovers and all-natural gurus? We might need a little help.

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