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May. 13, 2009
Gym School Disaster
We have a “secret” cupboard above one of the trainer's desks; it's filled with workout clothes you can borrow if you forget to bring your own.

As helpful as this is, it's highly suggested you don’t forget because this is what happens if you do…

You get to wear mis-matched, awkwardly-sized, hand-me downs like mauve clam diggers and the old hemp LUNA tee. By the way, hemp is not good workout's very hot.

If you're Cassie, you spice it up with your own socks. She swears these socks are good for horseback riding; that’s the only reason she has them.

And, if you look really closely, you can see that each item is labeled with “Clif Bar”—just so we’re not tempted to take them home.

But seriously, who would do that?
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Amy, Miss Web Gal
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