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Nov. 5, 2009
Halloween Town in the Northeast

We’ve all heard of recycling CLIF Bar wrappers, but creating them into clothing? Now, that’s a new one. Read on to find out about the Halloween adventures of the Clif Fairy and a few of her friends…

When working with kids, you just never know what to expect. It’s like a roller coaster ride: fun, sometimes a little scary but you always come away with a smile on your face and some good laughs. The Boston Crew rolled out for the Boston Medical Center’s Halloween Town festival this past weekend, which is just a huge mass of sights, frights, sounds, and costumes. We all love this event because, in addition to being a great spot to talk about healthy Halloween options, it lets us connect with our inner child and remember how fun it is to dress up and scare ourselves silly.

Our crew really rolled out in style—among our group we had one Pippi Longstocking, two CLIF Kids (straight from the wrappers, skateboard included!) and one CLIF Kid Fairy, who was decked out in a garment of her own making (Project Runway, here she comes!), created from recycled wrappers.

The duds on our group were enough to warrant a shout out from the blog-o-sphere. But bringing it back to the fun and unpredictability of working with kids…

The CLIF Kid fairy was out and about, spreading her message about great food for active kids.

One little man was really captivated by her costume; so much so that he thought she was a walking vending machine. He marched right up to her and pulled some wrappers from her dress, hoping to score some extra samples. He just got a smile for his troubles and the dress held up well. At least the kid has great taste in food!
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