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Jan. 8, 2008
Hans Rey & Wheels 4 Life
Hans Rey, TCB athlete, ambassador, mountain biker, adventurer & advocate extraordinaire, is so much more than just an amazing cyclist. Three years ago, he launched Wheels 4 Life and since then Hans and the W4L program have been up to a lot of good. Here’s the scoop from Hans:

Wheels 4 Life is now three years old. We have done some great progress and have changed many lives already. Giving people the gift of mobility in form of a bicycle is a powerful way to help.

We have distributed over 500 bikes in 16 different countries and we are ready to buy and distribute another 300 bikes in the near future to the Philippines, South Africa, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Rwanda, Madagascar, Haiti, Mexico, India, Ghana and Nepal.

We have been able to build a solid foundation and have had some great help from volunteers, sponsors and organizations who helped us along the way. We have done and benefited from some fantastic fundraisers from Little League soccer teams to bike industry companies such as Crank Brothers, Camelbak or Chris King have made fundraisers or special edition products benefiting Wheels 4 Life not only with royalties but also with lots of PR and awareness involved.

Everybody in our organization works on a volunteer basis. We deliver the bikes straight to the people in need and we buy the bikes in the countries needed, which helps us cut down shipping and duty costs and we support the local economy.

In each of the countries we have given bikes away, we have teamed up with reliable organizations or individuals who help us handle the bikes and distribution on site and help us identify the persons who truly need a bike, since they can't afford or have any other means of transportation and their school, markets, jobs, or doctors are too far away to walk.

We have a very good partnership with the United Nation Development Program and their Equator Initiative, they are constantly

Part of my goals are to get people stoked about charity and build trust in them, knowing that the money will be spent very wisely and goes directly to the cause. Everybody can make a difference—no million dollar trust funds are required.

We are currently preparing to launch our "Village Project" in Tanzania in 2008. We think we have found the perfect village to introduce bicycles and to document by video and photo over two years the impact bikes will have on this one community and how it will affect many more people above and beyond the owners of the bicycles. We will use this film to show other big help organizations what an impact bikes can have and hopefully governments and foundations will in the future give more funds towards buying bikes.

Please take a look on our websites, there is much information of how people can help us and get involved, there also many photos and some video clips.

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