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Aug. 29, 2006
Happy, healthy (and full) campers
Where we spent all of our time...Culture shock from being away at summer camp? You better believe it. I think when you're a kid, you're slightly immune to the pains of adjusting back to life when your one, two or three weeks of summer camp are over. It's taken me quite a while to get back into the swing of things now that I'm back from the Diabetes Society's Camp de Los Ninos.

Tara, our RD and my fellow CLIF BAR blogger, heads off to Camp every summer (this was her seventh time there). Every year, she brings along a few hands to help with the duties, which believe me, after serving as those extra hands, the more there are, the better.

Sure, I got to get out of the office and work amongst ginormous redwood trees, gawking hawks and dusty paths, but don't get me wrong, spending a week as a nutrition intern for 100+ diabetic children is most definitely not a walk in the park.

When your life revolves around snack time, carb-counting bingo games, 2am blood-sugar testing, it's easy to forget that a world exists outside of camp.

I went from teaching the campers that there are about 15g of carbs in one CLIF mini to having them remind me that there are 30g of carbs in a whole quesadilla (not half). These kids put up with a lot; it can't be all that fun getting woken in the middle of the night and asked to chomp on some chalky glucose tabs to raise your insulin level.

But by the end of the week, the campers are nutrition rock stars who've learn just how the foods they put into their bodies affects how they feel. No wonder they keep coming back to camp. I know I will.
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