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Mar. 14, 2006
Happy (Organic) Birthday
Happy Birthday, CLIF!Yippee!! This week marks the 3rd anniversary of Clif Bar being a certified organic product!
It's hard to believe that it's already been 3 years. I remember all the work that went into finding the organic ingredients—all the testing to make sure they tasted good and submitting all of the documentation to QAI (our organic certifying agency). We were really holding our breath... what would happen if we missed something?!?

Suddenly, we got the call! It came to Chris C., who was heading up the certification process at that time. When he hung up the phone, he jumped up from his chair and made some kind of loud "woo-hoo" sound! It's hard not to notice when a 6'5" guy does that!

You may not think that switching over to become organically certified would be such a difficult task; but let me assure you, it takes a whole lot of work! You've got to be 100% sure that the organic ingredients you find are going to taste great, meet all quality standards, and be consistently available. What would happen if suddenly, there weren't any more organic almonds? Well, you'd be out of luck—that's what!

After careful planning, testing, tasting, and tinkering, we were able to become a certified organic product. And now, 3 years later, we've been able to certify nearly all of our products! That's amazing progress, if I do say so myself.

So, why is being an organic product important? Organic farming practices help us reduce the amount of pesticides used on fields and in our bodies! Organic products promote a more sustainable agriculture system and healthier ecosystems.

For a nice (organic) chuckle and great information, check out this fun movie: Store Wars.
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