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Apr. 25, 2012
Headed for the High Point: Team CLIF Bar to the Top of the World

A couple of months back I got a call from Team CLIF Bar's Hilaree O'neill. Though we were set to talk about a couple of trips she had put in for with the North Face, that would be no small feats in themselves, our conversation quickly turned to something else that had come up and was quickly taking precedent. Everest!

As the conversation unfolded, Hilaree shared with me the plan. 6 North Face athletes (Cory Richards and Hilarre O'Neill both being CLIF BAR Team members) were set to embark on the experience of a lifetime. Seeking to repeat the historic climb of 1963 Nat Geo sponsored American Mount Everest Expedition, 3 teams of 2 have set out for 2 months to celebrate the historic 50 year anniversary of the original American expedition. Cory and Conrad Anker will be attempting the burly (and historic) West Ridge route and Hilaree and Kris Erickson plan to climb and ski the Southeast Ridge.  The 3rd party consists of renowned rock climbers Emily Harrington and Sam Elias who will also take on the Southeast Ridge with Nat Geo writer and climber Mark Jenkins.

To date there has already been a ton of incredible content coming out of the journey and we thought it would be sweet to give you a taste below.

Starting first with a look at the gear and food  that Hilaree will be using as compared to the expedition 50 years ago, saying goodbye to loved ones that made their way to basecamp in support of the adventure ahead,

... to keeping it clean as Cory recounts their mission up to Camp 2,  while making sure that his handle bars can hold their own along the way.

For the freshest updates,  follow along in real time at National Geographic, Facebook, or the TNF Website!

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Team Clif Bar

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