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Mar. 3, 2011
Help Protect the Grand Canyon!
Jonathan Waterman - long time friend of Clif Bar & Company, author, photographer, environmental activist and adventurer – spent five months paddling the Colorado River. He discovered much more than the white water of yesteryear. Keep reading to learn more and how you can affect positive change.

I recently spent five months paddling from source to sea on the Colorado River. I found a river running dry and in a great state of neglect, fragmented by dams, over allocated, and polluted as if it were some municipal waste stream instead of our legendary white water river.

Since my journey, I have been looking for actions through which we can affect positive change and restore the “Nile of America.” From February 18 - April 3, the Department of Interior is inviting comments on Secretary of the Interior Salazar's proposal (see Dept of Interior press release here) to close all new uranium mining surrounding the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River corridor in Arizona; please see "Alternative B."

Several streams in the area already contain radionuclides and without intervention the Colorado River could be contaminated. Also see the Grand Canyon Trust website for further information.

Comments must be in writing to and either mailed to Bureau of Land Management, Arizona Strip District, 345 East Riverside Drive, St. George, UT 84790, or sent as an email to .

Below is a sample letter that can be copied or paraphrased for your own message – must be postmarked before April 3:


To Whom It May Concern,

Please extend the Dept. of Interior’s current 2 year moratorium that bans new mining claims and development of existing claims across the one million acres of watershed around the Grand Canyon. I support that protection for 20 years by withdrawing public lands through "Alternative B” as defined on the DOI February 17, 2011 press release.

This action will prevent new uranium mines that would threaten the Grand Canyon and contaminate underground aquifers that drain directly into the Colorado River--an invaluable water source for 30 million people and 3 million acres of farms. Please place my comments in the official public record of the Environmental Impact Statement.

[your name, address]
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