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Apr. 7, 2008
He’s a Growing Boy
Ever had one of those know, where you casually eat 13 Clif Bar products in a 5 hour period? Sure, during a race, no problem—Shots and Bloks go down like nothing. But this slow feast had zero to do with working-out, runs, or long rides. Just puttering around the apartment doing chores, grazing as I felt the urge.

Apparently I had a lot of urges—bars, gels, gummies, twisted fruit, everything.

I'm pretty well known for downing copious amounts of Clif products (Food scientists could do quite the study on me by now—still feeling great after 6 years of outrageous Clif consumption. I guess organic, preservative free foods DO make a difference!), but even I was taken aback Sunday night when I began sorting wrappers for recycling (we're working with TerraCycle these days to collect and soon reuse many of our Clif wrappers).

“ Wow.”

I’ll let you know if I break my record anytime soon.
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