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Mar. 8, 2007
How big is your footprint?

This just in from our staff ecologist, Elysa. She's always got little nuggets to share.

Have you measured your ecological footprint?

The ecological footprint is a metaphor that describes the amount of land area needed by a population to meet their resource needs. It's a sustainability indicator that takes into consideration things like how you get around, your living arrangements and the types of food you eat. 

But how much land do we really need to live?

  • Biologically, there are about 4.5 acres of usable land available per person in the world. 

  • Our current way of living in the U.S. requires about 25 acres of land per person, which means we need 4.7 planet earths to sustain us!  

Find out the size of your footprint and learn what you can do to reduce it. Want to learn more about our global impact? Check out the Global Footprint Network
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