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Dec. 10, 2007
How Cyclocross Killed My Phone and Other Fascinating Cross Stuff
Hard to believe, but the cross season is winding down. Nationals are next weekend! 

We made it up to Portland for the USGP weekend there, and somehow the weather in Portland never fails to land a round-house kick of freezing temps on us soft Californians.  Turns out my Motorola Razor took the brunt of the blow.  Poor little fellow straight up died on Sunday up in the wet weather. Either it was the wet & cold or the fright of watching a 40-ft pine tree blow over right in front of us. Yup, it was breezy.

Here’s a little recap of the weekend:

It was wet & muddy.


Jordi’s bike got really dirty.

Jordi's Orbea

Mark told us he’d taken some crazy backward somersault crash —but none of us really believed him until we saw these photos from Sven Martin.


The Rad Racing kids ripped it up.

The Clif Bar Development Cyclocross Team is such a slick program—I love what these guys do.

Most of the time, we were all really cold—even Gary.

Georgia and Katerina were probably cold too—but they were also “en fuego.”

Mark had this to say:

The racing, as always, was intense. The courses, as always, were very challenging.  The weather, as always (at least in Portland), was wet and windy. I struggled with the conditions on Saturday even though it was the better weather of the two days. I never seemed to find enough traction to make forward progress and it seemed as though I was being passed by riders from start to finish. ON Sunday, in torrential downpours and high winds, I managed to reverse the trend and instead was able to pass riders for the final 2/3rds of the race. I really enjoyed the conditions this day with the hub deep puddles and winds that blew me from one side of the road to the other. Results: 19th and 11th. Not anything to write home about but figured it should be written into a blog. Away from the racing I really enjoyed the weekend. I got to hang out with Gary (the main man at Clif Bar), Georgia (the CHAMP of the 2007 women’s elite USGP series and both days in Portland), Katerina (3rd and 2nd at the races), Troy (my teammate this full cross season), Dusty (super mechanic and racer), Chris (other super mechanic and provider of all things equipment related), Waldek (director, massage therapist, travel planner, IPhone operator extraordinaire, mini-van driver, and racer), Dylan (chief driver of the bio-diesel Clif Shot Truck), Eric (head planner of all events that take place at the Kennedy School), Jordi (my fellow 35+ racer and teammate). Sure seems like a full house to me. What a great group of people!

We also had a chance to sample some great Indian and Thai food. Luckily Georgia knows everything about every type of food, otherwise I would have had no idea what to order at the Indian restaurant. I also had a chance to do a little cooking myself: I put out some gigantic pancakes on Sunday morning for Georgia, Katerina, Troy, Dylan, Eric and myself. Maybe that is why Georgia and Katerina finished 1st and 2nd that day?

I count myself as a lucky person to have had a chance to be a part of the Clif Bar family for yet another year. 

Thanks for reading.



And to end with more cross stuff.

If you’ve got access to the Altitude Sports Network you can catch the December broadcasts of their great coverage from early this season at Excel Sports’ Cross Vegas by checking their broadcast times. Dave Towle does a great job calling the race. It’s worth a listen.

And, for those of you who don’t have access to the Altitude Sports Network you can still see Cross Crazy, some interesting cross coverage of last season’s Cross Nationals, that’s up on YouTube. Just a little more proof that Dave Towle is legitimately crazy.

Here’s to another great cross season—I’m already looking forward to ’08!

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