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Sep. 7, 2010
How To: Pure, Clean Birthday Fun for Your Kids
My son’s fourth birthday is fast approaching, and when I went to the grocery store to look for birthday party provisions I was completely grossed out at what was being passed off as “treats” for special occasions. Next to Halloween birthdays carry the biggest potential to serve up the most artificial colors, artificial flavors and genetically modified all-around junky “stuff.”

With so much for parents to concern themselves with these days, I try not to worry myself or others too much about what kids are exposed to during special occasions and various celebrations. BUT – of course the “BUT” – the special occasions are becoming increasingly less “occasional” as my son gets older.

If you are like me, striving (key word) to feed the family a mostly organic and natural menu to limit your kids' exposure to the other nasty things out there, you might find yourself a little uneasy as the next birthday invitation rolls in.

What I want to know: Why is the junky food, bad-plastic party favor and lead-based paint jumpy seemingly all there is to work with when you begin the preparations?

I set out on a mission to do a better birthday party full of fun, flavor and all kinds of fancy party zing without having to compromise natural and organic home-baked goodness.

  • Instead of jumpy, we are going to have a little mini carnival with croquet, ring and water-balloon toss, bubbles, chalk art and cupcake decorating. My son is turning four but these activities stretch generations!

  • A trip to the natural food store was a total score. My son knows what is good (and good for you), so it goes without saying that everything will be chocolaty: home-made organic chocolate cupcakes, and organic frosting made with nothing but real butter and organic cane sugar in a variety of colors made from vegetable dyes.

  • For cupcake decorating, we have all natural sprinkles made from nothing more than berries and cane sugar, chocolate chips, Annie’s Chocolate/Vanilla Cereal, coconut and yogurt raisins!

Yes, there will be enough sugar to fuel these kids for days, but balance that with the high-energy activities on our organic lawn and they will burn it off before bedtime. So long as they are NOT sucking down pesticides and all amped up on things like these -- and they have pure, clean fun -- I will be a happy Momma!
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Tara, the RD
From the Kitchen, Sustainability

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