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Dec. 14, 2009
Hula Hooping + Taco Truck + Environment?
A few weeks ago we hosted a little party at Clif Bar & Company to benefit the Access Fund—the Wild & Scenic Environmental Film Festival.

It was an evening of controlled chaos.

To start with, we had Timmy O’Neill—legendary climber, filmmaker, drummer, passion monger and rabble rouser—emceeing the event. And because we love a small dose of healthy competition, we had Ro-Sham-Bo… and Foos Ball… and lots of prizes. Oh, and of course, a taco truck to keep us energized.

Anyhoo, the purpose of the night was to raise awareness and funds for our long-time partner, the Access Fund through an evening of inspiring environmental films.

A success? Yup! We raised over $3,000 and added more than 170 emails to their list. And Timmy even kept his shirt on.

Here’s a snapshot of the evening

If you’re local and missed the event, don’t fret, there'll be another one next year. If you live outside of Berkeley, have no fear; there are over 100 Wild & Scenic Environmental Film Festivals around the country, supporting a whole host of environmental organizations.

Look ‘em up and enjoy!
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