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May. 1, 2006
I eat lunch from anywhere around noon to 4:30pm. Time gets away from me, or I'm in one too many meetings. Typically, I bring my own lunch, most often a frozen entree or leftovers. All day Thursday, I was looking forward to my spinach lasagna.
'Round 2:15, I bop out to the warehouse to grab it out of the freezer. It's gone. All that remains in there is a veggie burrito (also mine) and some organic orange sherbert (get name of company/link from Cassie). Just in case I had lost my mind, I checked the other two refrigerators on my side of the building.

No luck. The lunch thief had struck again. Not only that, s/he was bold enough to throw away the wrapper in the trash outside of the kitchen. There was no trace of the waxed paperboard tray in the compost or trash cans. In lieu of checking individual waste bins at every desk or breath-alyzer tests, I sent out an email detailing my plight. I was overwhelmed with the generous outpouring that came into my inbox.

From Dylan:

I’m hungry too. I wish I’d eaten your lasagna before that other person did.

From Chris T.:

I’ve got a can of tropical fruit. I had another brand's frozen Lasagna. It was great. Just thought you should know that.

From Ed:

I will buy you another if you like ??

From Mary Kate:

I'll buy you an Amy’s if you'd like one! I’m sorry. I know what a big freakin' bummer that is. Note: we have an Amy’s frozen meal vending machine in the warehouse.

From Gennifer:

If you're really hungry i have an extra veggie bowl from trader joe's in the kitchen across from you.

From Blue:

That’s soooo wrong! I can’t believe people do this! I have some oatmeal and wheat thins at my desk... not really lunch, but they’re yours if you want them.

And my favorite, from Georgia:

You should lick everything before you put it in there. I have a salad in the fridge if you are interested...

It's nice to feel so loved. Too bad love doesn't stop my tummy from growling. In case the lunch thief is reading this, this week's lunches are all labelled and hidden inside a bag in the same freezer... and I plan on eating all of them.
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