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Dec. 20, 2005
I did WHAT at the holiday party
Nicole, Michael and GarrettWine flowed, joviality wafted, and sweet tunes snowed down from the rafters at the 2005 Clif Bar holiday jam - held this year at a hip little brick-walled, jazz-infused haunt in downtown Berkeley. Awesome setting to celebrate what has been one of the best years in Clif Bar history! Nay, THE best. Way to go Clifsters!!

Fast-forward 15 glasses of wine—11:30pm. Right about the time Wine was making out with Joviality and Sweet Tunes was sitting alone and upset in the car, I found myself face down on the carpet in the middle of an all too familiar throng; the victim of something I've coined "voluntary duress."

I'd been called out...and was very much hoping that once I pushed off the ground, my long since utilized muscle memory for breakdancing would kick in—as it were.

Bently and Gary are Lords of the DanceLong story short, it somehow 'got out'—as a few of us took our best stab at tying together the ancient arts of Riverdancing and Breakdancing—that I knew how to do the worm AND the kick worm. And what happens when, in addition to your peers, the owners of the company show interest in learning the subtle differences between the 'kick' (forward) and the 'worm' (backward)?

Well, you end up nose to the carpet thinking about career choices, that’s what happens. Whether at that point the toney party goers applauded my efforts or emptied their wide-rimmed glasses on my head was no longer of concern, for once you're laying face down on the carpet at any company holiday've sort of hit bottom.

In the end, I kicked AND wormed, AND the throng rejoiced, AND I still had a job come Monday, AND the camera I sacrificed to the party gods that night was eventually recovered, AND I would do it all again if I could. We work at Clif Bar. Breakdancing happens.

Happy ’05 to all! 2006, watch out...
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