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Feb. 18, 2010
Ice Capades

There's a lot of talent around here. Take, for example, Erik Winkler, trusty member of our Northwest Field Marketing crew. Not only is he a master of the ski slopes and the sewing machine, but he managed to combine the two in a his latest ski-friendly sewing creation…all while still doing his job. Read on for the step by step on what he did. Watch out Project Runway.

I love my job! Why? Because Clif Bar lets, encourages me, to have fun and enjoy my work. I'm lucky enough to call myself part of the Northwest Clif Bar Crew. I work events, handing out product and meeting great people who are passionate about our planet, life, food and of course Clif Bar!

So, this is where my story begins...

A while back I had this idea...Wouldn't it be great to have a giant CLIF Bar suit to wear at events? A few weeks ago, I decided to make this a reality. Little did I know how much sewing would be involved. This little project definitely put my sewing skills to the test. So with a rough idea in my head and my mother-in-law's sewing machine ready to go, I set out to the fabric store. I had an idea of what it should look like, but no idea how to get there. Fortunately for me, the nice ladies at Joanne fabrics sent me in the right direction.

Well, here's the quick and painless version of the fabrication process for your own piece of mind...

I started with the foam (headliner foam for cars) (enough to make a giant rectangle). Next step was the layout. I roughly measured and cut out all the pieces from colored canvas, pinning them to the foam (ouch). I decided to make the color that of my favorite flavor, Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch, but replaced the flavor name with "Nutrition For Sustained Energy" to encompass all flavors. Then I began the sewing... 4 long evenings later a giant foam Clif Bar suit emerged and just in time for its debut on Mt. Baker.

At first I wasn't sure how this thing was going to affect my ability to ski. But after the first run, I felt right at home. Actually, it was surprisingly easy to ski in, not to mention the attention I got. I had people yelling from chairlifts "I love CLIF Bars" and "Hey Mr. CLIF Bar." I even ended up as the subject of a few ad hoc photo sessions (per the request of passers-by).

The giant CLIF Bar was a hit and it was an absolute blast! Well worth the snagged threads and needle pokes.

Now the wheels are turning... What else could I make that would grab people’s attention and make them laugh? I guess you'll just have to wait and see...

-Erik (AKA- Giant Foam CLIF Bar Guy)

Hey Erik, I think I can hear Ice Capades calling!
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