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Dec. 7, 2009
IM Arizona & Some Heated Family Football—Holiday Season Success on Two Fronts

On Sunday, Nov 22nd, while I was mentally preparing for the undeniable riskiness of the annual Thanksgiving family football game, concerned that one of my border-line-sinister tennis-playing cousins would prematurely end my 2010 cycling season months before it even began, TCB triathlete Linsey Corbin finished 2nd at Ironman Arizona.

While I was concerned about simply making it to Thanksgiving dinner in one piece, Linsey was focused on things more hopeful—like setting a new IM Arizona run course record and finishing the race with a new personal IM best.

When it was all said and done, things ended up pretty nicely for Linsey & me. I avoided nearly all the dirty hits and made a couple key interceptions; plus, I hobbled one of my cousin’s sons in a subtle but brilliant defensive maneuver. Linsey went hobble-free and busted a pretty slick move out there in Arizona.

With the way Linsey’s running these days, maybe she should come to the family football game next year so that there’ll be someone at the game who can cover me.

Congrats on a fine end to the 2009 tri season, Linsey!

Here’s the AZ scoop from Linsey:

There’s much to be thankful for this week as I celebrate my second place finish at Ironman Arizona over the past weekend. Along with second place I set a new personal-best for the Ironman distance, I set a new run course record, and celebrated some new things in my triathlon career.

New Personal Best:
Earlier this year, I set out a goal of finishing an Ironman in 9 hours and 15 minutes. I dreamed for this to happen in Kona, but as you know I didn't have the day I wished for in October. Not taking defeat easily, I came to Arizona as a bit of redemption, looking for a Kona slot, but ultimately to race for myself. I’ll admit, I’m human and I made some mistakes with training and racing in 2009, but one thing I knew going into this race was I was racing for my love of Sport. It was about getting back to the basics and reminding myself why I love Ironman. Perhaps I did things all wrong in my prep: I stayed up late, I drank a few beers, I ate lots of chocolate, I spent time with family, travelled a bit, didn't take myself so seriously. When I got to the start line on Sunday, I was refreshed and excited for the effort. In the end, I crossed the line with a new personal best of 9 hours and 13 minutes. Yee-haw to that!

New run course record:
I have goals in triathlon and one of them is to run a sub-3 hour marathon. I came pretty close on Sunday. My day started with a decent swim (for me) in just under an hour. I was set up perfectly on the bike and came into the race with a tactical plan of methodically moving my way through the field all day. Onto the run in 5th place, and my refreshed spirit brought with me refreshed legs as well. I felt great on the run and my plan was working out perfectly. My run training all year has led me to believe that I’m capable of running a 3 hour marathon. On Sunday, I was able to put it all together as I patiently worked my way up through the field and any doubts I had in my head were silenced with each mile. In the end, I crossed the line with a new run course record of 3 hours and 4 minutes. Yee-haw to that!
That's a wrap for 2009. I look forward to 2010.

Best wishes,

Linsey Corbin
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