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Oct. 7, 2008
Interbike Recap—Better Late than Never
This time of year it can be mighty tough to find the time to write a blog piece and that’s a darn shame since we tend to have an awful lot to write about in late September/early October.

Storytelling-wise, Interbike’s gotta be at the top of the list. It all happened over a week ago but I’m still feeling the mostly-pleasant hurt that can only come from the barrage that is Interbike. Here’s the abbreviated version of what we did in Vegas told, delightfully, through the wonder of photos.

Our journey to Vegas started on Tuesday September 23rd.

With all we had planned, from the CrossVegas sponsorship to the TCB Foosball Invitational to the Industry Cup Criterium to the many random shenanigans & misdemeanors, we had to roll the Team Truck packed full of all sorts of goodies. We ate lunch in Mojave—and, yes, lunch included milkshakes.

Eventually we got to Vegas—we even found our way to the very well laid out CrossVegas venue.

The Clif booth layout rocked. The crew in Creative did a mighty fine job putting the Clif digs together.

CrossVegas kicked some serious booty. Brook, Chris and the whole CrossVegas crew put on one hell of a show.

Gary, Waldek & Dusty raced the Wheelers & Dealers Race. Chris & Zeph supported these jokers as well as all the TCB & Luna pros—it was pretty impressive to see Chris & Zeph in action.

Katerina & Georgia ripped it up and had a nice view of the huge, enthusiastic crowd from the podium.

Brady apparently can run like a gazelle. He’s about 7 feet tall.

And Troy wowed the crowd (and probably also wowed that guy right behind him) by hopping the barriers.

Those of us who weren’t racing bikes sipped on Dale’s Pale Ale.

Thursday brought the TCB Foosball Invitational to the Clif Booth. With Dave on the mic, Jimmy Dean & The Sausage Party rocking the house, and TCB athletes competing for the TCB Foosball Grand Master Championship it was quite a sight to behold.

TCB cyclists were represented in the booth and on the pitch.

Will & Ryder brought their A-Game…

But it was the Ritchey guys who hoisted the trophy and bathed in the glory (and a little spilled beer).

As always, the band rocked.

Then we raced some more—running on fumes, but still running. And the Industry Cup was worth the effort. The race was a blast!

Friday is still a bit of a murky blur.

I remember eating a lot of Roks. I think a lot of people at the show ate a lot of Roks.

And when it was time to head home we rejoiced in the fact that we didn’t have to go anywhere near the Vegas airport.

Intead, we stopped in Bakersfield to fill up the truck with BioDiesel and to fill up our bellies with some ridiculously good food at La Tapatia.

We ate everything edible that was put on the table and we drank amazing amounts of horchata out of gigantic plastic red cups.

Then we drove home completely pooped, but full of yummy food and great memories of another fantastic week at Interbike.

A BIG thanks to Matt Sharkey and Christopher Swanner for shooting so many slick images. And here’s to The Man, The Voice, The Wonder, Mr Dave Towle, for calling the TCB Foosball Invitational like only Dave could have done it.
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