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Oct. 21, 2010
Introducing Clif Bar and Company’s New Headquarters!
It's official! After close to 15 years in Berkeley, Clif Bar & Company has moved into a new energy-efficient headquarters in Emeryville, California.

Open Floorplan

The new building is truly amazing. A 115,000 square-foot features the latest in solar technology, a new on-site childcare center, repurposed materials -- from shipping-container wood to blue jeans -- and a 40-foot bouldering wall are just some of the features that support Clif Bar's sustainability mission and unique company culture.

Our very own Clif founder and co-CEO Gary Erickson is ecstatic. "If you would have told me this was possible 20 years ago when I had the epiphany to create CLIF BAR during a 175 mile bike ride, I would have stopped in my tracks. This space is what Clif people have built – it’s more than a headquarters, it’s a home to their inspiration and passion to do business in a better way."

Communal Table in Kali's Kitchen

An huge, expanded wellness center features a weight room with a 40-foot bouldering wall, a yoga room, dance studio, shower/locker facilities, access to five on-site fitness trainers and two massage rooms. On-site bike parking, two massage rooms and a hair salon are also back by popular demand. Yes, as you can tell, it's a pretty sweet place to work.

Then there's Kali's Kitchen -- named after Gary Erickson’s grandmother who inspired him to bake -- an employee-operated cafe that sources organic ingredients from regional farms. Fresh, wood-fired pizzas for lunch? You bet!

And it wouldn't be Clif Bar without an awesome company theatre that houses an elevated stage, customizable lighting, a professional sound board and seating for 350 people. The Clif musicians of the bunch are stoked, that's for sure.

To capture the build out of the new HQ, Michael O'Callahan, friend of Clif Bar captured an amazing time-lapse video over a three-month period of time during the office's final stages of development this year. Check it out!

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Chris Morell
Office Life

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