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May. 16, 2011
Introducing Meet the Moment!
Have you ever been on the road, in the water or among the trees and for a moment, everything slows down and becomes clear? We’ve all had that experience before, and we want to hear your stories! And so with that, we're super excited to introduce Meet the Moment!

At Clif Bar & Company, we’re big on adventure and the rush of the Moment. We wake up excited for what the day might bring. We work hard, we play hard. We get up ready to Meet the Moment head on, every day. But enough about us − How do you Meet the Moment? Live life to the fullest? Whether it’s action, adventure or the thrill of the chase, we want to know!

Upload a photo and tell your story.

Chris "Macca" McCormack Meets the Moment!

2010 Ironman World Champion Chris McCormack Meeting his Moment.

Create your first Moment and CLIF Bar will donate $5 to one of five projects, each one focused on Protecting the Places we Play – the very places we Meet our Moments.

And every time you upload a new Moment, you’ll have the chance to win your next adventure like trekking the Amazon or chasing the Tour de France. It’s up to you!
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Chris Morell
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