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Jun. 2, 2010
Introducing Your 2 Mile Challenge Team Leaders!
The CLIF BAR 2 Mile Challenge is underway – and the competition is already heating up! Glad to see so many of you have taken the charge to heart. If you've yet to join in, you can read all about it here.

Join the 2 Mile Challenge

Speaking of heart, I’ve been remiss in getting back on the Clif Bar Blog to talk about the three key elements in keeping the 2MC extra super enjoyable for the participants throughout the summer. And of course I’m talking about the 2MC Team Leaders. I went on an exhaustive search over the past few months to find three of the most incredibly inspiring and fun-loving individuals this side of the International Date Line. Their mission: to take the 2MC Red, Blue and Gold teams to the max! And if you need more than the “required 15 pieces of flair,” you got it – we’ve got an NYC bike messenger, a former Mr. Kool-Aid Man (Ohhh yeeeah!) and the cherry on top? An international tax consultant/beer snob! I think those things are somehow related?

So without further ado, I’d like to present YOUR 2MC Team Leaders (in no particular order):

  • Heather M. – RED TEAM LEADER, Brooklyn, NY
    (follow @heatherbikes and @2MCRed on Twitter)

    “I am passionate about cycling! Whether it is commuting to a desk job, touring through Europe, or messengering in the streets of New York City, I love to ride my bike and need to do it every day! A native New Yorker, I graduated from NYU in 2006 and am now part of Mess Kollective, New York's first bike messenger co-op. I am very excited to be leading the Red Team for Trips for Kids and hope to get people all over the country out of their cars and turn them on to the joys of cycling!”

  • Jon R. – BLUE TEAM LEADER, Boulder, CO
    (follow @keeperjon and @2MCBlue on Twitter)

    “Once the ambassador of smiles, aka the Kool-Aid man, I know how to keep things fresh and exciting while working at a fast pace both in and out of the office. I love to bike, run, hike and camp. Anything that allows me to enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer, I’m in! Put a 14,000-foot mountain on the radar and I’ll find a way to the top, hopefully on my bike!”

  • Kaitlin J. – GOLD TEAM LEADER, Emeryville, CA
    (follow @bicycleblvds and @2MCGold on Twitter)

    “I’m an avid cyclist in all ways – I road ride, I mountain bike, I commute. I blog to share the things I love about cycling with anyone who will listen, with the primary goal of promoting cycling as a way of sustainable transportation. I’m a born-and-raised Wisconsin girl, and I did my undergrad studies and law school at the University of Wisconsin. Sometimes, though, you just need a change, so I moved to the Bay Area of California in June of 2009. I'm an international tax consultant by day, but in the rest of my life, I'm a cyclist, sailor, knitter, snowboarder, writer, baker, hiker, and coffee and beer snob.”

Welcome, Heather, Jon and Kaitlin! We’re excited to have you with us – and look forward to seeing what great things are on deck to keep all the 2MC participants motivated and encouraged to riding the bike more.

Keep in talk with Heather, Jon and Kaitlin directly through your 2MC Dashboard – and don’t forget to follow them on the team Twitter accounts for contests and all the latest 2MC Team scoop.

Ride on, friends!
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