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Jun. 15, 2005
Irish Maid Service
Mary Kate:

I guess that everyone at work thinks there is maid service for the stuff they leave around, like the glasses, empty Fed-Ex boxes, the food and coffee spills in each of the break rooms, the peanut butter coated spoons they leave to “soak”, and the masses of moldy food and outdated yogurt containers stacked up in the refrigerator. Not to mention the person who was drinking a Blue Sky Ginger Ale, and chucked the can in the paper recycle bin!!!!! Hey, you are so busted!

I once read an article in the Wall Street Journal, about the ubiquitous office fridge. No matter what kind of office one works in, this is always a problem area. And it is a problem that only bothers certain people. Sure, people get busy, they forget the Kung Pao they brought for lunch last March, or that they really do need to do their dishes, because their Mom doesn’t work here.

This morning I got a phone call from the CEO, (oops) letting me know about the mountain of wet gym towels, that had stacked up on the floor outside the bathroom where the hampers are, but since the extra laundry bags were all the way back in the gym, and no one had sauntered back to retrieve any of them, (no over-achievers here I guess), I went over and corralled up all those wet, nasty towels, with thoughts of so this is why I went to college……I wish I could be more Zen about it, but it irritates me that in an office that actually has a gym, people cannot take the simple responsibility of picking up after themselves. Sometimes it’s really frustrating, and I’m beginning to feel like Rodney Dangerfield, may he rest in eternal peace, but if I send out an e-mail, only 4 people read it, everyone else glazes over and hits delete, so I’m writing this in the hope that I may feel better getting it off my chest, or that someone will read this, and send me a little “there, there” I feel your pain message.

In the meantime, I think I’ll go see if anyone has thrown a gym shoe in the compost bin.
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