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Sep. 19, 2005
Ironman Epilogue: Food Matters
Several people have asked me what I ate before and during Ironman. I can't believe I didn't include this in the story; it is anyway what we do at Clif Bar, feeding athletes so they can perform at their best. I also think this information might help some of you plan for the Epiphany Ride. Nutrition is so key in any long distance athletic event. It usually is the thing that on race day makes or breaks your success. Sometimes I tell people how much Shot I do on a long ride or race, and they are blown away. At the Death Ride this year I did something like 18 Shots, is that a lot? 

Leading up to the day before the race I ate regular meals, and lots of Clif products. I focused on protein three to four days before and lots of carbs the two days leading up to the start. Those last two days I added about 300 calories to each meal also. Kit made me an awesome breakfast at 4:00 AM on race day, oatmeal, eggs, toast and juice, about 1,000 calories. Not the easiest time of day to eat. For that matter, to do anything.


Fifteen minutes before the race began, I ate two Cola Buzz Shots. An hour and a half later on the bike I started eating Shot, Shot Endurance drink (Crisp Apple) and a Mixed Nut Mojo Bar. A few hours into the bike leg I began eating Bloks, more Shot Gel (Mango and Strawberry), and a Gingerbread Clif Bar…. mmmmmm good! 

On the run my plan was to do another ten Shots but the situation changed things and I only needed and consumed about five. 

Again, I never had a stomach problem, nor did I join my tent mates at the end holding a bucket. Our stuff rocks. Our new additions, Shot Bloks and Shot Endurance Drink were off the charts cool. Thirty Bloks went down so easy, I could have done more but that's all I brought. 

Clif Bar Products Total for the day:

1 Mojo Bar 180 Calories

12 Shots 1,200 Calories

30 Shot Bloks 1,000 Calories

Clif Bar 250 Calories

Shot Endurance 800 Calories 

Total 3,430 Calories 

It's so cool to be a part of a company that is so connected and integral to this and so many other sports. I saw tons of people eating Clif, Shot and Luna during this event.

The end.

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Food Matters

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