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Oct. 7, 2010
Ironman Kona: Big-Day Buzz Is Building
Day two (Wednesday) saw its share of stars, more sweat and internationally applicable smiles.


Holding up at Clif Bar base camp (here on the south side of Ali’i Drive) for the whole of the day turned out to be the right move. Why leave when you have the likes of Chris McCormack running through your front yard (and stopping by for a casual hello), and Linsey Corbin (and hubby) popping by for both an interview AND to share some of her private label, ‘Montana Made Ale’?

TEAM CLIF BAR at Kona 8 - Chris McCormackTEAM CLIF BAR at Kona 9 - Linsey Corbin

Thank you Linsey, and Big Sky Brewing Company! We’ve (ahem) not tried any yet, but are looking forward to it.

The front yard flow of bikes and bodies in all forms of motion increased almost exponentially Wednesday; as if folks were preparing for something big. We continued to build out our front yard lounge; incorporating more more swag, more product, bike lane chalk art, and precisely one sausage slinging Bar-B-Que. We may or may not have also moved half of our living room furniture into the driveway in order to help folks feel ‘at home’ (which seemed to work)...but that’s between us and our rental agent. Truth be told, our house owner did pop by...and thought it was hilarious. Phew.

It’s been great to meet so many folks from all over the world – athletes to support staff to spectators. I assume this will only increase in days remaining before bodies race into that frigid 80 degree water. An assumption almost guaranteed, as Thursday will involve attending, shooting, and otherwise taking in ‘The Underpants Run’, a fundraising run for local Special Olympics.

A quick $10,000 raised at the hands of scantily clad Iron-people willing to bear it all (which fortunately they’re rather used to) in the name of humor and humanity. So, you know..stay tuned for pix from that one. For sure.

Today (Thursday), MACCA and Mark Allen will be spending some time here at the house. If you’re local, maybe follow those tweets and pop on by, yourself!
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