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Jun. 14, 2007
It’s about time.
Ricardo's famous (again)!Fame is tough, especially when you can't escape it. Just ask Ricardo.

This past week, he's been in magazines, newspapers and most importantly, was just crowned "Customer of the Week" at the Peet's coffee shop just down the street from our office.

We're big fans of Peet's and apparently they're big fans of Ricardo, too. Every Saturday they announce a Customer of the Week. Just about every CLIF employee pays Peet's a visit at least once a day, but never have any of us received the coveted spot on the plaque by the espresso machine. But it was Ricardo's lucky day as they crowned him king of Peet's this Wednesday.

He's relishing in his glory, receiving free café au lait all week long and getting "congratulations" left and right around the office.

Way to make us proud, Ricardo!
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Amy, Miss Web Gal
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