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Nov. 19, 2007
It’s all about biomimicry
Elysa knows her fair share about the planet...makes sense given that she's our ecologist. Consider yourself one lucky duck because she's about to share with you the wonderous concept of Zero Waste.

November 15th was America Recycles Day and that got me thinking beyond recycling to Zero Waste.

I love the power of the term Zero Waste. This sparks the imagination and inspires new ways of thinking about how we live and relate the world around us. Zero Waste means just what it sounds like––producing, consuming, and recycling products without throwing anything away. Zero Waste challenges us to rethink the way things are made in our treated-as-disposable world. With Nature as our teacher, our assignment is to get human industry to mimic the closed loops found in biology—where there is no waste. We need to learn to think like a tree—or a spider, or mollusk or a plant cell (think biomimicry). We've got a long way to go in figuring out how to apply this concept to everyday business, but the first step is to acknowledge the need.

Here's a great, short Zero Waste video that gets the message across with a lot fewer words than this email. No printing or littering needed. (Note: this video is made by Eco Cycle, one of the sponsors of the Clif Bar Development Cyclocross Team).

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