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Apr. 22, 2009
It’s Earth Day!
It's Earth Day again (a year really does fly by) and while we're all about celebrating Mother Earth every day, today's a great excuse to get inspired by the good things people are doing to show our earth a little lovin'.

Like this invention that re purposes plastic water bottles and turns them into lights. Before you get wondering how the heck a water bottle can turn into a light (poof!), keep in mind it only works when you have daylight. That aside, it cuts down on energy use and has the added bonus of a lower energy bill.

Or, this idea for your old cd case...a perfect fit for your lunch-time sammy (assuming you're a fan of the bagel sandwich). Maybe not the healthiest solution around but it's an ingenious way of reusing plastic, which seems to creep into our lives every which way it can.

There's the Aptera, the new electric car that debuted in San Francisco earlier this week...

And last but not least, there's the annual Brower Youth Awards; read up on all the good things that the 2008 recipients are doing to make the planet a little greener and get inspired.

Got a nifty invention of your own that reduces, reuses or recycles? Do tell... (in the comments section, please).

Happy Earth Day!
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Amy, Miss Web Gal

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