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Feb. 25, 2009
It’s Wednesday and you know what that means…
What better way to celebrate a rainy Wednesday than with another Waffle Wednesday.

Matt and Pat are at it again, with the first Waffle Wednesday of 2009.

This time around we were graced with a new addition to the Waffle Wednesday condiment line up—hot sauce.

We also had the regular fixings like strawberries, chocolate, powdered sugar, blueberries, bananas and maple syrup.


What prompted this outpouring of Belgian goodness? To raise money for Abby and Wendy's Climb Against the Odds. What exactly are they climbing? They’ve gone and signed up to climb Mt. Shasta and are raising money for the Breast Cancer Fund, an organization near and dear to our hearts.

Waffle Wednesday's kind of a big deal around here so they were able to raise a pretty penny for the climb.

You can help Abby and Wendy reach their fundraising goal by visiting the Breast Cancer Fund website. If you’ve got even a little inkling to know what’s involved in training to climb a 14,162-foot mountain, you can stay up to date on their training and hiking regime on their blog, too!
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