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Dec. 10, 2007
JAC’s Crusade to Bring Back the Juice Glass--You with Me?
Jessica shows off her new juiceJAC's back with some food for thought from the world of nutrition...

Why is it that the only place I can get a proper glass of juice is at my grandma's house? It's not because her Minute Maid tastes better than my Minute Maid, it's because she has juice glasses!  They're small, cute, fit perfectly in my hand and hold just enough juice to be satisfied. The juice glass is a lost piece of common dishware and I'm embarking on a campaign to bring it back!  Besides being cute and fun to drink out of, as a dietitian I'm in favor of small juice portions.

Juice is revered by some, despised by others. The industry makers of fruit juice promote it as a densely-packed liquid full of nutrients; many professionals dealing with children warn against juice consumption because it gives them cavities and sugar. Each has their bit of truth.

Juice can be a great way to concentrate the phytonutrients (naturally occurring health promoting nutrients, like antioxidants) of fruits. The amount of phytonutrients in fruit juices varies, but all juice has a decent amount of sugar. An 8oz serving of pomegranate juice packed with phytonutrients has 160 calories and 40g of sugar. How likely are you to stop pouring at 8oz if your cup holds 16oz?

On one hand, you can get a lot of health promoting nutrients from juice and on the other hand you can get a lot of sugar form juice. Hence the juice glass is a perfect and needed piece for anyone's dish collection! It allows you to drink some delicious health promoting nutrients, but reminds you that those nutrients are accompanied by many sugar molecules of which too many are not a good thing.

Juice is great, but an easy way to drink heaps of calories. To help you drink juice in moderation, stop at the next garage sale you see, you might be able to get some fantastic vintage juice glasses. Then tell your friends, or give the gift of juice glasses—lets bring back the juice glass!

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