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Jun. 16, 2009
Jeff’s Back in the Hizzie!
As literally 6-8 of you know from reading my March 18 posting “Our Friend Jeff Goes Big Time”, Jeff Hantman is one of our more storied employees.

He has raced his bike all over the place, crafted priceless works of art out of scavenged junk, founded Halfwheel Fenders, twice placed 36th in the World Beard and Moustache Championships (only the Germans can defeat him) and performed somewhat mediocre acts of gravitational defiance for the Cretu Brothers Circus in Bucharest.

The good news is though, Jeff is back!

And if you call our offices here, you might just get to talk to him, as he is roaming around performing any task that is asked of him, including working the front desk. He’s a good egg.


OK, we did actually find out that in his time away from the office, he got caught up in some sort of terrible mess that lead to his being added to the witness protection program. But, whatever. We don’t judge…we’re just glad he’s back.

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